[Guide] Assessment Checklist for Churches

As a church leader, you understand the challenges that come with assessments—and so do we.

This checklist, full of pro tips, will help guide you through the process of finding and using the best assessment for your church.

A roadmap to help you:

• Develop your assessment strategy
• Increase engagement
• Collect the data you need
• Form actionable next steps

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You’re not alone.

Many churches find it difficult to surface the insights they care about, but there's a way to make assessments easy and efficient—it just takes following the right steps.


Choose an expert-validated assessment.

Find the right assessment to be valuable, relevant, and effective for your church.


Deploy your assessment efficiently.

Develop an assessment launch strategy to maximize engagement and valuable results.


Build deeper relationships.

Turn the data you collect into actionable outcomes that grow relationships with your people.

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