Introducing a better way to run assessments for churches.

Access and launch assessments from industry-leading providers so you can ask the right questions and measure progress, all in one place. Built on Gloo’s trusted data platform, Assessments enables you to lead smarter, and guide your people to spiritual growth by surfacing and reporting on key findings—in real time.


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Church Assessments Just Got Easier.

Designed to remove obstacles, Assessments helps organizations connect with their people and lead them toward personal growth.


Gain wisdom and guide next steps by asking the right questions.

Validated assessments ensure you ask meaningful questions that give you a clear evaluation of your congregants and church so you don’t let opportunities to connect slip through the cracks.


Deploy anytime, anywhere, on any device to maximize participation.

Ready-to-go evaluations can be used right away. Launch assessments via text message, email, and web. Maximum participation means you keep your finger on the spiritual pulse at your church.


Put data on display, measure results, and know what works—in real time.

Real-time reporting means when you ask today, you know today, so you can take action fast. Guide next steps after completion with content suggestions that keep people engaged and growing.

Scientifically-backed questions

  • Research-backed assessments provide a deeper understanding of your people and your church.

  • Each assessment comes from a trusted provider with years of experience serving churches.

  • Questions are designed to give you deeper insights into the spiritual formation and health of your church - so you know exactly what to ask.
MeetAssessments_LP1 MeetAssessments_LP1

Launch with ease

  • Ready-to-go evaluations can be used right away. 

  • Launch assessments as many times as you would like, anytime, anywhere.

  • They’re designed to be easy for leaders to launch, and for congregants to complete.
MeetAssessments_LP2 MeetAssessments_LP2

Put data on display

  • Dynamic dashboards track engagement - with additional in-depth reports available for premium assessments.

  • Participants get their own custom results after each assessment.

  • Leaders can add a “next step” after results to keep people engaged and growing in the church.
MeetAssessments_LP3 MeetAssessments_LP3

Track in real time

  • Ask today, know today—
    get instant feedback, and review your results through dynamic, easy-to-read reporting.

  • Optimized for both mobile and desktop; some take only a matter of minutes.
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Assessments on the Gloo platform come from trusted providers and have been developed through years of research.

Comprehensive and thought-provoking, each assessment is designed to encourage self reflection, measure progress, open valuable lines of communication, and empower leaders to guide enduring journeys to spiritual growth.

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