Five Critical Things Thriving Churches Do Well

Thriving churches have become very good at doing five critical things—and they’re the same things commonly neglected by plateauing or declining churches. Learn what these five things are in this exclusive resource.

Learn the five critical things thriving churches do well, why they’re important, and how you can implement them into your church strategy.

This resource is a collection of definitions, examples, and worksheets so you can strategize ways to get more people through your door, keep them coming back, and help them share their faith so your outreach efforts are maximized.


When you download this resource you get:

  • A comprehensive guide to the five things, who they impact, and what they do
  • Detailed explanations of why each of the things matter
  • Examples of how they can be implemented, along with instructions and worksheets for implementing them into your own strategy
  • Worksheets that help you identify the scenarios where the five things can make an impact
  • Examples and worksheets that help you ensure you're monitoring the effectiveness of your strategy by filling the gaps between each step
  • An understanding of how the five things connect to data and analytics

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