Audience Research & Development 

Learn to effectively research your audience so you can know your people and communities—and create compelling outreach campaigns they can relate to. 

According to studies, 80–85% of churches are declining or plateauing, but churches that tailor their messages are defying these odds. They're connecting with their people and community and seeing results including an increase in new family attendance, and increased attendance year-over-year.

In this resource we’ll explain how you can research your people and get to know them so you can connect with them and encourage them to get, or stay engaged in church.

When you download this guide, you’ll learn how to:

  • Tailor your message for better engagement
  • Access the right information to research your audience
  • Use data to drive action
  • Use various sources to generate data
  • Use Gloo to get valuable data
  • Create a quick, custom report with the data you collect

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