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Advanced giving reports that allow you to discover trends, identify opportunities, and accelerate generosity to fund your vision.

• Know your givers
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Know Your Givers. Accelerate Generosity.

Say “goodbye” to complicated spreadsheets, inaccurate reports, and incomplete information that get in the way of activating your vision. Use Church Analytics to analyze giving data at your church so you can get back to doing what you do best—building relationships, acting on your vision for ministry, and changing more lives.


Pulse Report

Reveal actionable, never-before-seen insights about giving habits and trends through Ministry Fund and Giving Band Analysis.

ChurchAnalytics_GiversUpdate_PulseReport ChurchAnalytics_GiversUpdate_PulseReport

Generosity Audit

Understand the narrative of generosity at your church with data-driven analysis the report on Giving Turnover and Year-Over-Year Comparison.  


ChurchAnalytics_GiversUpdate_GenerosityAudit ChurchAnalytics_GiversUpdate_GenerosityAudit

Giver Reports

Increase and retain generosity with a series of reports that show you important information about New, Retained and Lapsed givers.

ChurchAnalytics_GiversUpdate_GiverReports ChurchAnalytics_GiversUpdate_GiverReports

We’re Here to Guide You

An expert will help you review the story behind your giving data and strategize how to accelerate generosity in your organization.

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