Activate Your Congregants and Community with this Church Outreach Toolkit

With the Church Outreach Toolkit, you can identify your audience and create marketing campaigns that leverage data to create personalized experiences.

We've included a congregant persona template and prebuilt sample campaigns specifically for:

  • Events 

  • Small Groups 

  • Email Newsletters 

  • Member Reactivation

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Take the guesswork out of your outreach and ministry strategy.


Who It's For

Church leadership, marketers, data scientists, ministries, and anyone else who wants to customize spiritual growth for the people they serve.


What's Included

Persona template and prebuilt sample campaigns. Scroll down for more details.


What to Expect

Once you download the kit you’ll have templates you can use to shape outreach, small groups, and other ministry strategies.

The tools you need to confidently target outreach and activation
for your most important activities. 



Use this sample campaign to match a cold audience to an event, personalized for your target persona.


Small Groups

Use this sample campaign to match an active community to an ongoing small group experience, personalized for your target persona.


Email Newsletters

Use this sample campaign to match a warm audience to an email newsletter, personalized for your target persona.


Re-activation Campaigns

Use this sample campaign to match a lapsed audience to a digital church experience, personalized for your target persona.

Use the congregant persona template to visualize who you serve best.

Great marketing is human. Serving communities begins with deep insights about people. It's only once you have this information that you can even begin to think about customizing outreach, ministry, and operational strategies. 

Use this template to create detailed member personas to align your marketing, small group, event, and outreach programs. 


Launch successful marketing campaigns with our campaign cards

Once you know your personas your church is best positioned to serve, you can outline the steps they'll take before they attend your services or events. 

Each card lays out a sample campaign based on an example church goal and persona. The card demonstrates how you can attract more people by creating tailored engagement experiences for the people you serve. 


"We were on the cusp of thinking about it. We knew that there was something you could gain from data, but didn't know how to put all the stuff together. The information we gathered, shifted our strategy to be more tailored to the communities we serve." 

- Karen Stewart, First Institutional Baptist Church

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