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Church Outreach Toolkit

Learn to identify your audience and develop marketing campaigns that leverage data to create personalized experiences.

This kit contains the tools you need to confidently do targeted outreach and activation for your most important activities. 

This kit provides you with templates you can use to shape outreach, small groups, and other ministry strategies. It's ideal for church leadership, marketers, data scientists, ministries, and anyone else who wants to customize spiritual growth for the people they serve.


This kit contains sample campaigns to:

  • Match cold audiences to events
  • Match an active community to an ongoing small group experience
  • Match a warm audience to an email newsletter
  • Match a lapsed audience to a digital church experience

It also includes a fillable template so you can create your own custom campaign.

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Karen Stewart - First Institutional Baptist Church
We knew that there was something you could gain from data, but didn't know how to put all the stuff together. The information we gathered, shifted our strategy to be more tailored to the communities we serve.

 –Karen Stewart, First Institutional Baptist Church