The Ultimate Guide to Buying Data Solutions

Know the essential elements of data solutions, and what you need to consider before partnering with any provider.

With this guide, you’ll learn how data works, understand how to buy the right software for your organization, and know the right questions to ask before you buy.

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What You'll Learn


How Data is Sourced

Learn how first, second, and third party data helps organizations identify important trends and patterns.


How Systems Connect

Understand how APIs empower systems to communicate with each other and dramatically increase value to your audience.


How to Evaluate Solutions

Evaluate a data solution and know if it’s right for your organization.


How to Architect Data

Know the pros and cons of using your current systems, building your own, or using a vendor.


How to Organize Data

See how data needs to be organized to work best with data management software.


How to Maintain Integrity

Prevent negative outcomes and improper use with the right data governance strategy.