How to Develop Effective Personas

Learn to combine the characteristics of your ideal audiences into individual personas so you can better understand how to reach them, communicate with them, and lead them on journeys toward growth.

How to Develop an Effective Persona is a complete stack of resources designed to help you brainstorm, collect, and organize information into individual personas that represent each audience segment you're striving to connect with.

Plus, you’ll get access to four customizable persona templates you can share across your organization. 


Resource features & benefits

  • A comprehensive explanation of personas, why they matter, and what they can do for you
  • Tips to create accurate personas
  • Cheat-sheets to help you identify your audience 
  • Guidelines to help you understand your congregants on a deeper level
  • Four unique templates to build out distinct personas
  • Access to customizable persona templates you can share across your organization

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Forming personas for your congregants helps you align with them on a deeper level from the beginning. This gives your church's marketing strategy an advantage . . .

 –Forrest Hersom, Gloo Marketing