Know the People Behind the Web Traffic with Insights+

Your website is your church's new front door. How do you go beyond page views and other digital analytics to re-engage the people connecting with your church online?

In this 30-minute webinar,  you'll learn how to take the mystery out of your web analytics. See how Insights+ allows you to engage your church's online visitors and turn them into regular attendees. 

Join us September 17, 2020 at 1 p.m. MDT

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You'll learn how to...

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Get Powerful, Relational Insights About Your Online Community. Fast.

Get to know the unique strengths and needs of your online visitors such as spiritual postures, motivations, and propensities that you can’t see with traditional web analytics.

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Confidently Adapt Your Digital Presence to Serve Both Your Members and Visitors.

Stop guessing about who's visiting your website—let Insights+ surface important trends so you know how your members and visitors are engaging and what to offer next.

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Engage Your Online Visitors and Turn Them Into Thriving Members of Your Church.

Anchor your ministry strategy—whether it's communications, website design, sermons, or program planning—to your online visitor personas so you can serve their unique needs today.

Regain Visibility Into What Matters
to Your Online Visitors

According to Barna's State of the Church 2020 research, "75% of pastors will continue to offer online services in the future." That means more opportunities to reach people discovering your church online. Insights+ empowers church leaders to see who's engaging digitally, how their online visitors are doing, and how to re-engage them with next steps. 


Gain clarity about the people engaging with your church online

Sort your online audience by members and new visitors, see where they are in the country, how often they view your website, and compare analytics between audiences.


Understand the characteristics of your known and unknown online visitors

Get more than sessions and pageviews with custom reports and trends that help you go deeper to learn how your online members and visitors are flourishing.


Reach the right people with the right message, online or in-person

Re-engage your known and unknown online visitors and connect with the people who could benefit most from your ministries with social media advertising.