[Offer] Crafting Questions for Deeper Connections

A Guide for Churches

Building deeper relationships with your congregants can start by simply asking the right questions.

This resource is designed to guide you as you think through the right questions to be asking at your church. We’ve included key elements to consider, as well as some prompts to help you form your own customized questions—all so you can connect with your people on an even deeper level.

Use this resource to:

  • Craft customized questions
  • Establish trust
  • Build community
  • Strengthen relationships

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Connection is Key

The more you know, the more you can connect with your people. This resource is designed to help you with just that. Use it to craft custom questions that:


Establish Trust

Create personalized questions that give your congregants an opportunity to share their voice and know they matter.


Build Community

Connect people to the right resources at your church by asking questions around their needs, desires, and passions.


Strengthen Relationships

By gaining the right information, your church can learn how to deepen connections in personal and relevant way.

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