Choose, Launch & Share the Right Assessment

Many churches look to assessments to measure the health of their ministry and congregation, but run into roadblocks that make finding the right one difficult—and gaining valuable wisdom even harder.

Behind the complexities of assessments lies a powerful motivation—to ask the questions that bring real change in people’s lives. The value of a great assessment is apparent, but how do you know if you've chosen the right one, or if the questions will surface the insights you need?

In this resource, we'll walk you through the process of finding the right assessment, creating a strategy for launching it, and how you can measure and use the results to help your people grow. Each instructional section includes a "thinking space" so you can take notes and brainstorm right in the guide!

This guide will walk you through valuable steps:

  • Identifying your motives for running an assessment
  • Forming a launch plan, next steps, and target response rate
  • Launching the assessment and tracking engagement
  • Analyzing results and reporting on findings
  • Understanding the details of each assessment on Gloo

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